Pepwave Debuts User-friendly WLAN Solution, Announces Reduced Pricing

Pepwave Debuts User-friendly WLAN Solution, Announces Reduced Pricing

Date: 1 November 2007

Pepwave Debuts Simple and Affordable WLAN Solution for Business Wi-Fi,
Reduces Pricing for Select Wi-Fi Products

Proven Reliability and Performance Combined With Easy Central Management Yields Serious Values For Business Networks

Mountain View, CA, November 1, 2007 - Pepwave, innovator of Citywide Wi-Fi Broadband Internet products and solutions, today introduced a new WLAN solution. Consisting of two core components, the solution includes Pepwave PolePoint, the enterprise grade Wi-Fi Access Point; and industrial acclaimed Pepwave Central Management System (PCMS), the comprehensive web management suite for easy setup, management and monitoring. Together, it allows businesses to deploy and maintain advanced wireless networks with hassle-free setup and zero software installation.

Pepwave’s WLAN solution is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for networks to grow and adapt to changing needs without sacrificing the ease of operation. "It can be a challenging task to set up a true business-grade wireless LAN," said Alex Chan, Pepwave’s Managing Director, "we automate much of the initial configuration, monitoring systems, and network maintenance to significantly reduce the cost of building and operating a wireless network."

Go Live in 3 Easy Steps
With Pepwave’s automated setup, building a wireless network from the ground up is a streamlined process. Large networks or even several remote networks that deploy hundreds of PolePoint AP's can now be created in three easy steps.

  1. Sign up for a free account at Pepwave Central Management System (PCMS).
  2. Create and apply configuration profiles to target PolePoint AP's.
  3. Power up the PolePoint devices, and plug them into an Internet connected network.
The new PolePoint devices will then self-discover their configuration profile and apply it automatically after being powered up.

PCMS: Most Comprehensive Remote Management, Monitoring and Reporting; With Zero Software Installation
PCMS is a web2.0 application hosted by Pepwave, thus no client software installation is required. With the innovative approach to network provisioning, you can setup new WLAN networks in minutes!

By logging into the PCMS, a user can monitor all PolePoint devices in one friendly web interface. Configurations can be easily applied to different device groups. The user can also monitor device health status and prepare various usage reports.

PolePoint AP: Advanced Wi-Fi for Serious Business
The Pepwave PolePoint has become a fundamental piece of many advanced Wi-Fi networks in operation today. With new added features including Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) and Wireless Distribution System (WDS), PolePoint’s advanced features and superior RF engineering allow it to deliver high quality Wi-Fi access to a wide range of user groups, while maintaining consistent performance for critical applications. PolePoint comes in a variety of indoor and outdoor enclosures for flexible services wherever desired.

Price Drop
In addition, Pepwave also announced reduced pricing for select products across its Wi-Fi lineup. Pepwave is offering customers a lower price point without sacrificing the core technology components that makes Pepwave products the most advanced Wi-Fi solutions available on the market. "Pepwave Wi-Fi solutions are highly praised in the market and consistently outperform the competition, by lowering the price points, we want to make our products affordable to even more customers," added Chan.

For more information on the Pepwave PolePoint as well as their complete line of wireless connectivity solutions, please visit

About Pepwave
Pepwave is the proven market leader in delivering specialized wireless solutions for industrial networking, wireless mobility, service providerss, and professional hotspots. As an innovator of wireless technology solutions, in addition to its US office, Pepwave operates globally in cooperation with distributors, system integrators and channel partners. For further information, visit

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